Monday, April 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday on Sunday

Very long time no blog posts. I haven't had anything to post plus I was in a slump of quilting do to shoulder problems. I finally had a reason to sew again. A relative was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I know she will be okay but it still hit me hard. I decided to make her a quilt as quilters do. I called my friend and quilting buddy, Kerstin to ask her advise on what to make that was quick but nice. She had just made a quilt for her daughter's friend who was getting married. This is the quilt that has inspired me. I knew the colors would be perfect plus I liked the pattern. It's not easy for me to cut so she offered her scraps and to bring my fabric and she would cut it out. I love the look of scrap quilts but it's hard for me to make them but I did it. I just kept telling myself I can do it. The top is now done, again thanks Kerstin and waiting for her to quilt it this week.