Monday, November 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I was able to finish the pink quilt this past week. As it's a gift it felt good to get done. The only other thing to get done for Christmas is a scarf and need to getting working on it. I feel ahead of the curve of gifts to make. Since I have some UFO's that need to be finished, I decided that I need to finish them before I would allow myself to start something new. My goal was to start in January but I'm jumping the gun and pulled out a mystery Block of the Month from 2011. I did it with four other friends and we were suppose to work on it together. As they keep stalling I called and said we need to get this done. I finally said I'm going to get my done and when they decided to work on theirs I'll help. They were okay with that. Well last night the blocks were put on the design wall and once I played with them I enough to make a way I was pleased with. I added the setting triangles and started sewing the rows. I found it interesting that they had you cut the setting triangles big but didn't tell you. As the store is out of business there is no one to call and ask.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Still the same quilt top on my design wall but it's now about half way done. I am right on schedule to have it done by the first of December. I just love how it's coming out.

What's on my needles?

This is my first post for this subject. Last year I saw someone making this scarf for a gift. As my sister and brother-in-law are huge SF Giants fan I decided to make one for my sister. As I felt the scarf came out to wide I decided to make them both one. It's easy to do and should be able to make them both by Christmas. I am using Cascade 220 and when done the scarf will have fringe.
I actually have more done on the scarf but no new pictures.