Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting it done in 2013

I've decided to make this the year to finish up UFO's. It doesn't matter if they are quilting, stitching or knitting, they need to be done. So I've made a list of all my different UFO's and plan to tackle them one project at a time. Most people would not think there is a lot of them but to me there are. This is just the list of UFO's. To me, I will not allow myself to start a new quilting project until two on my list is completed it and to me that is the top is completed as at this point I do not quilt my own quilts. Socks will be any on going project as they are good to take to mini group and I have enough sock yarn to make 10 more pair.

Quilting ones:
Candy Wrapper
Gordian Knot VI - borders
Now you see it, Now you don't
Sock monkey - Halloween
Snowball and 9 Patch
Thread Catchers


Halloween table topper
Long leg birds - Autumn
Why is a teddy bear a cross stitchers best friend
Winter House