Saturday, January 4, 2014

What day is is?

It's been a long time since I'd posted anything to here. Not much to show for the long absent. I finished a scarf and shrug for my sister for Christmas. Pillowcases for my mini group friends also for Christmas. Did I think to take pictures? NOOOOOOO Oh well life will go on. I have been plugging along on my Dad's afghan. It's officially late as his birthday was the on the 1st.  I gave him other goodies and told him about his new afghan.  It's close to half done. 

I stopped keeping track of my stash busting around mid July. No idea why I stopped but I did. Need to be better about that this year.  I am making smaller quilting goals this year and maybe I can get them done. 

My List for this year. Not in order of priorty.

Binding on the quilt for Blue Star Mom's of Marin

Butter Churn Quilt
Complete Now You See It ... Now You Don't by Linda Ballard
Quilt for Buttons Young
Two pillowcases for my sister

Dad's Afghan
Sweater (Kimono pattern - started)
3 scarves

I'm sure there will be other things to add to one or the other list but for now that's it.

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