Monday, September 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday 9/13/2010

This past week I had not one but two irons give up the ghost on me. I liked the Rowenta and wonder if it's worth repairing. Tried calling the service center as it's close enough to drive to but so far no call back. So I broke down and bought new iron. I finally sat down and worked on my Halloween quilt from last week. Not much progress was made as I've been trying to finish the binding of the red, white and blue quilt so I can send it off. I did take a fun class put on by my guild on Saturday. It's a different was of doing Storm at Sea. You use rulers instead of templates or paper piecing. That's what the funny shaped blocks on the right hand side of the design wall. The top two are the diamond ones that are completed.

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  1. Is the Halloween quilt from a panel? It's very cute and funky. Storm at Sea is always such a complex looking block, it would be great to see another construction method.