Monday, February 10, 2014

Red and White Challenge

We all need a friend in our life who is an enabler. Mine is my friend and quilting buddy Kerstin.  Yesterday at mini group, she was talking about the red and white challenge that she had read about. I've have always talked about doing a red and white quilt. I've been collecting red fabric and know the pattern I want to use. The pattern does not have a name except I call it Green Quilt Number 6 as it was the sixth green quilt Kerstin made. I too made one and it's called Green Quilt Number 6 even though it's my first green quilt.  I made one in pinks and it's called Green Quilt Number 6 in Pink. We ended up on the phone later and we talked about the challenge.  I knew I had white squares cut out I was planning on using. To make sure I'd have enough, she figured out how many I'd need to make it queen size. I had to only cut about 25 more and I'd had enough. Total squares are 570 give or take a few.  I then pulled red fabric and have 20 different fabrics. There is a total of 9.5 yard.  Might need to trade with my enable to get more variety. This is a picture of the fabric prewashed. I have learned to wash fabric.

This is what 570 white squares in a box to contain them looks like.

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  1. Love red and white quilts! Can't wait to see your progress!

    Thanks for stopping by Fabric Frenzy Friday