Monday, February 17, 2014

Red and White Challenge

On Saturday I met my quilting buddy at my LQS to look for yet more red fabric. I found eight more I thought will look good in this quilt. So I got a quarter of a yard each.  I need to add it into my stash report even though I'm going to take it right out. I'm trying to decided how to even count all this fabric. I pulled 9.5 yards out of my stash but some will be going back as I do not need it all.  I think I'm going to count all the red out then add back in once I'm completed. I have a friend in Oregon who loves to quilt. I ask if she would like to accept a mission of looking for red fabric. Of course she jumped at it. So I'll have one more picture of fabric. I have started cutting out and do a little bit each day.

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